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Project at a Glance Created : 4 months ago

Seeking : 3 People to contribute to this project 2 found
Ideal time contribution : Whatever I can get
Project motivation : For the love
Project status : I've been working on this for over a year
I am currently working on this project : With a small group (1-10 people)

Project Description


I am working on “The painted horizon” a documentary film about the lives and works of graffiti artists spanning the last 5 decades. Its an ambitious project that I believe will help define a somewhat unknown history to many people. I have travelled to 3 continents, slept in over 50 hotels, drank over 1000 cups of coffee and sank pretty much all I have into this film. Some think I am a little crazy but the more I have discovered the more I have truly been inspired by this project.

I’ll be uploading a short 5 minute preview of my documentary shortly – watch this space!

Where I am right now

I am currently in negotiation with a major broadcaster (C4) who is interested in the project. I really want to get this film out to as bigger audience as possible so I am looking to negotiate with other interested parties (Yet to be determined).

Skills and experience

I studied film at the NFTS and I have been involved in the production of a few short films but this is the first major project I have taken on myself.

The challenges

I have faced many challenges with this film and I am currently struggling with:

  • The promotional aspects (Due to lack of experience) particularly on the web?
  • Affording access to a top notch professional editing suite
  • Further research into some of the deeper historical aspects of the film


I am working with a few other people who are passionate about the subject matter but they are committed to full time jobs and utilising their time regularly is a challenge.

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Looking for People

Who can provide technical expertise
Who can provide important equipment
Who have key skills that are needed

Ideal Collaborators

Do any of these people sound like you?

Ideal person 1

I am looking for someone who can provide access to a broadcast quality editing suite to produce the final version of my film. I know it a big ask?

I can help!
Ideal person 2

I am looking for someone who has good web knowledge and help me either develop a website for my film or help me promote it via social media... and create a bit of a storm?

Ideal person 3

I really need a good researcher who can validate certain key aspects of the film.


Incentives are being offered if you get involved with this project.

For those who get involved:
  • I will officially credit you in my film
  • I am happy to discuss a cut of any future royalties
  • Obviously, you will come to the Cannes film festival when we pick up our awards!
Basically I am open to negotiation?

Project Location

Country: United Kingdom

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Bret Ortenson

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I studied film at the NFTS and I have been involved in the production of a few short films. I just love film – talking, critiquing, watching but most of all making!

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