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Project at a Glance Created : 4 months ago

Seeking : 10+ People to contribute to this project
Ideal time contribution : Whatever I can get
Project motivation : Help the environment
Project status : I've just started working on this
I am currently working on this project : On my own

Project Description

My local park has become overrun with litter and the council don’t seem to be doing quite enough to clear it regularly? The worst affected part is consistently the woodland area where unfortunately there are sometimes congregations of drunks and homeless people. Although I am sympathetic to their situation I am getting increasingly annoyed with the build up of rubbish.

My kids play in this park and recently my dog cut her paw on broken glass. This was the final straw and I thought me (and my children in photo above) would do something about it. However there is a bit more than we can handle.

I am hoping that some like-minded people who live in the local area would be willing to help us on a regular basis to keep this lovely green area clean and safe for our children.

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Ideal people

Nothing special required, just enthusiasm and a desire to improve our local park. If you are interested in helping It would be great if you could commit to doing this once a month?

I can help!


Incentives are being offered if you get involved with this project.

I will provide dustbin bags flasks of tea and biscuits to keep our spirits up. I also thought it might be a nice opportunity to get to know people who live around this area?

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Country: United Kingdom

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Melenie Swift

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I am just a hard working single mum. I care a great deal about the environment and I like to make an effort to look after it where I can.

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