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Project at a Glance Created : 4 months ago

Seeking : 10+ People to contribute to this project
Ideal time contribution : Whatever I can get
Project motivation : Help a community
Project status : I've been working on this for several years
I am currently working on this project : With a small group (1-10 people)

Project Description

Welcome friends, I am kindly asking for anyone concerned with the wellbeing and safety of the homeless population within our great city to come and help us.

If you live in Newcastle you may have noticed a big increase in homeless people over the last few years. Many have both sad and tragic stories for which they are not to blame! I’m sure you have all heard the idiom “Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes” well once, many years ago, I too found myself homeless. I can assure you its not pleasant.

My congregation and myself go out once a week into the city to distribute essential items like clothing, blankets and food. Although we are a religious group we are very aware that not everyone else is, so we do not aim to “preach” during these outings.

Probably our most important job is simply providing much needed love, support and a sympathetic ear to those who most need it.

I sincerely hope you can find some time to join us.

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Ideal people

We really need people who can help sort through our donated clothing and food and organise it. We also need people to come out in the tough winter months to help serve food and beverages to the homeless from our van. Any help we can get will be much appreciated.

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Incentives are being offered if you get involved with this project.

  • See first hand the positive reactions from those less fortunate
  • You will feel a sense of goodness filling your heart

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Country: United Kingdom

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Edmund Healy

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About Me

Hello everyone! I am Pastor Edmund Healy and I provide spiritual guidance, healing, prayer and council at the Church of St Davids in Newcastle. One does not need to be religious in order to understand the power of love that exists in all of our hearts. I spend most of my time helping those less fortunate than myself, its a truly fulfilling occupation.

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