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Lets bring real change to the world

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Project at a Glance Created : 4 months ago

Seeking : Unlimited People to contribute to this project
Ideal time contribution : To be negotiated
Project motivation : Change the world
Project status : This project is my life’s work
I am currently working on this project : With thousands of people

Project Description

We are a group of like minded thinkers looking to promote social and political change for the benefit of humanity and the natural environment. Too long have the rich and political elite dominated our landscape through their crass and patronising ideas.

As a group we are already actively involved in a number of national and international projects that are attempting to influence and bring about social, political and economic changes to a system which clearly does not work for the majority.

If you feel the same and you wish to become more active then join us!

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Looking for People

Who can physically lend a helping hand
Who can provide technical expertise
Who can provide important equipment
Who have key skills that are needed
Who can be volunteers

Ideal Collaborators

Can you provide help with anything listed here?

Ideal people

Got web skills? Help us with our online campaigns. Feeling brave? We always need protesters who can actively be on the frontline and raise awareness. We need volunteers who can help with the day-to-day running of our organisation.

I can help!


Incentives are being offered if you get involved with this project.

  • Bring social, political and economic benefits to all of humanity and our environment.
  • Be part of a group which helps bring power back in to the hands of the people.
  • Be part of a group that raises awareness and highlights the injustices of our world systems.
  • Have your voice heard and make a real difference to peoples lives

Project Location

Country: United Kingdom

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Mr Robot

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The world is becoming an increasingly damaged and divided place to live in. I am a deeply political and social thinker who is determined to redress the the imbalances by what ever means necessary!

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