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Funk band needs practice space

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Project at a Glance Created : 4 months ago

Seeking : 1 Person to contribute to this project
Project motivation : For the love
Project status : I've been working on this for months
I am currently working on this project : With a small group (1-10 people)

Project Description

We are a bunch of reprobate students who are looking to avoid studying at all costs. To alleviate the daily stresses of student life we have recently ….. wait for it…. formed a funk band! Yes I know very original. We have played a few gigs at local pubs to drunken unappreciative audiences – which leads me on nicely to why I am writing this…. we need practice…. like we REALLY need it lol.

Can you provide practice space?

We are looking for somewhere safe and secure:

  • We can leave our equipement
  • Make a lot of noise
  • Become a better band (hopefully)


As close as possible to Manchester University but within a few miles would be fine?

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Looking for People

Who can provide a location or premises


Incentives are being offered if you get involved with this project.

We are happy to provide:

  1. Tickets to our gigs (Well when we become famous and start charging money?)
  2. FREE recordings of our music (Don't worry if you hate our music?)

On a more serious note:

We are all happy to put in some time to improve the space provided in some way... decorating... clearing up?


Project Location

Country: United Kingdom

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Project Creator

Christian Bowler

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About Me

I am currently studying politics at university and the bass player in the band. I love nothing more than a fat BLT, a cuppa followed by a Tunnocks Tea Cake, trust me its the little things that matter!

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